3 Tips for Final Round Interviews

So, you’ve successfully progressed to the final interview stage. How can you ensure that you will do yourself justice? Let’s answer the questions to allow you to make an informed decision if an offer is made.

We look over three things to consider, when planning for your final interview.

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1. Preparation – ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. By now, you may have spoken or met with the hiring manager but this doesn’t mean another decision maker won’t enter the process at the final stage. Ensure you remember those impressive statistics about the company’s growth (or any other facts!) you presented in your first interview.

Remember to explain, in a clear and concise manner why this role is of interest to you. Make sure it’s clear in your own mind, why is the role better than your current one? I always recommend candidates to prepare by taking notes to interviews. It can just be there as a prop and it shows you are prepared, but most importantly it ensures that you don’t forget all of the questions that you need answered to make a decision. One of the most frustrating things candidates encounter is the, “I wish I had spoken about…” scenario.

2. Confidence - You have secured a final interview as the company were impressed by your experience and manner over your previous discussions, so why the lack of confidence? Nerves are not a bad thing. Being a bit nervous is not a problem as long as you have prepared.

Nerves often arise because people think they won’t know what to say. You are talking about yourself and your work experiences so far. You are quite literally the world’s foremost expert on yourself! The role and company should be clear to you by now, by getting to the final interview stage there should be no surprises. It’s likely that you may have a task to demonstrate the abilities you perform in your current job, or will perform in your new one!

Getting a ‘mind blank’ due to nerves can happen. By having a list of topics you’d like to discuss, you can prevent this situation. The fact that you know you have this safety net too, will help to increase your confidence and ability to represent yourself well.

3. Asking the right questions - By now you should know why this role is of interest to you. You should also know what you don’t find appealing about your current role.

Are you currently micro-managed? Is your role too narrow? Think about what the new role needs to offer. When leaving a final interview, you should know, dependant on salary offered, whether you would accept the position if it is offered to you. Think of the questions you need answered to make this decision and make sure to ask them!

These are just a few of the most important points to consider before undertaking a final interview. If you’d like to discuss these in more depth or find a role so that we can get you a final interview, please get in contact! - 020 3950 1948

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