How to Beat the 'Monday Blues'

1. Make the first thought when you wake up, a positive one! It can feel contrived at first, but it can set your day in the right direction if you jump out of bed, or even say something positive to yourself in your mind.

2. Get enough exercise and watch your nutrition: You know the benefits by now, but ensuring you start the week off by actually doing it, ensures the rest of the week remains on track.

3. Plan ahead and prioritise some time with those close to you. If you have to put something individual on hold, to spend time with a friend or a loved one, do it. You’ll regret not finding the time later on, when you start to drift apart.

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4. Where possible, plan what you would like to achieve this week. If there is a significant obstacle, identify how you best overcome it. Do you tackle it first, or do you leave a clean runway up to it, by clearing everything off your desk before you dedicate yourself to it?

5. Finally, take some time to assess where you are with your career and life. If you are dreading Monday mornings every week of the year, it’s probably a good idea to consider a change. You shouldn’t feel like you are disinterested and you don’t have to be scared about going to work either.

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